What is PT and how can it help me?

I've had a lot of questions around what a physiotherapist is, and what our role is. I've been asked if we're the same as a message therapist or osteopath. I've also learned that some people have never actually heard the word 'physiotherapist'! Just because this is MY world, doesn't mean that everyone else is livin' in it!

Physical therapists help individuals regain function that has been hindered by discomfort or pain.Physiotherapy or PHYSICALtherapy is the treatment or prevention of physical injury by

means of exercise, manual therapy and education.

We are our own regulated body with a governing college. Although we use similar techniques to massage therapists, we don not fall under the same title. We are also different from osteopaths, chiropractors and kinesiologists.

Keywords in my universe are:

- Movement

- Mobility - Stretch

- Strength

- Pain (reduction)

I treat individuals of all ages and activity levels, but focuses mainly on injury prevention and treatment for those who are between the ages of 40 and 65, especially if there is a mutual love for weight and resistance training.

If you’ve been experiencing a new source of discomfort that’s holding you back from your daily activities, I can help!

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