What a pain in the... heel!

Did you know -

When you experience pain on the heel of your foot, either on the backside or bottom, it's likely not the heels fault!

In fact, much like many other injuries, the site of pain is really just the outcome of a perfect storm happening elsewhere on the body.

Your heel, AKA calcaneus, is a common location for muscles, tendons, and ligaments to attach and pass by. No wonder pain can be so common here!

Whether it's pain that comes on with activity, or pain that greets you first thing in the morning, there are lots of ways to begin your recovery. Consult with your physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis of your pain.

Here's a quick example!

A client of mind is experiencing pain on the back of his heel and has developed what's called a Haglunds Deformity.This bony bump causes pain and irritation to the heel bone and tissues surrounding it.

If we look at the rest of the client's foot, we can see that he has quite the deformity of the first toe. Believe it or not, the rigidity of this first toe has actually greatly contributed to the development of this bump on the heel. Because the bottom of the first toe sits lower than all the rest, it strikes the ground before all the other toes. This greatly changes the mechanics of the entire foot, and actually changes how the client walks. Over time, this increases the strain on the tendons and bone on the back of the heel.

With PT treatment as well as a nifty little shoe insert to help correct the mechanics of the foot, this client has noticed a significant improvement in his pain over time. Cool!

If you'd like to learn more, or know someone who experiences heel pain, reach out!

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