A Physiotherapy Appointment with Jessica...

First time seeing a physiotherapist? Nervous about meeting a new face? Here’s what to expect when you book with me!

Come on in! The doors are open to the clinic. You’re on your way to moving and feeling better than you have been. Maybe you golf, maybe you run. Maybe you enjoy walking your dog around town or simply getting down in the garden to pull weeds. When you come into my office, I’ll invite you to hang your jacket and take a seat. You can get comfy, we’ll just start by chatting and becoming acquainted!

As we become more familiar with each other and your reason for visiting, we’ll move into an assessment. I might get you to move to the blue table or stand up with me. Regardless, I will take a look at how you move, from head to toe! I’ll also get a feel for how you move, placing my hands on whatever hurts- neck, shoulder, hips, knees or even your feet.

Looking around the room, you’ll see a few things. My blue bed- it moves up and down, it’s SUPER comfy, and it also doubles as surface to lean on during our movement assessment. I’ll probably move it a few times during your visit- you might sit, lay or lean!

The white ladder on the wall: it’s not a chin-up bar or a jungle gym, so I won’t be asking you to break a sweat or swing from the bars today. I use this structure to help get you moving better! Depending on what’s bothering you, I may ask you to reach up to the highest point possible or reach to each side of the ladder. Whichever position it is, my goal is to create a comfortable stretch or tension in the the body. At the same time, I will be facilitating movement throughout, in order to get that troubled area moving better.

We will work together as a team to tackle the issue that you’re facing and get you moving pain free, once again. If at any point you have questions, feel free to ask! Pick my brain, that’s what I’m here for.

Come check things out for yourself, or just say hi!

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