Low Back Pain

It's that aching pain that's the first to say 'Good Morning' at the start of your day. It's the deep nagging after a long walk along the lake trails. It's the sharp pain into the buttocks or leg. Low back pain can be debilitating and down right depressing. But, it does not have to be a 'normal' part of your day. That back pain is a sign that your body needs help moving in a better, more efficient way. 

Those with low back pain often complain of these additional symptoms:

  - Aching in the low back or hips with prolonged sitting or laying

  - Stiffness in the morning, preventing you from putting on your socks or tying your shoes

  - Soreness during or after  a walk, with the only relief being sitting down

  - Sharp pain shooting down the front or back of the leg that doesn't seem to have much of a rhyme or     reason to it

  - A fear of losing independence and relying more on loved ones for simple tasks. 

  - Worry that the pain will never get better

  - Confusion as to WHY the pain is an issue in the first place. 

If you're feeling anything similar to these and it's preventing you from getting outside and staying active in the way you like to, you're not alone! Stop reaching for the painkillers and losing sleep. You have options! Book a FREE telephone consult or discovery session with Jessica. To receive a FREE educational PDF about Low Back Pain and how to solve it, click below.