Knee Pain

One of the most common complaints! Why? The knee is often the victim of bullying. It sits directly between two other joints that have a lot going on! We have the foot on one end, which absorbs the force of each step we take. If the foot doesn't move well, the knee will be directly impacted by it. On the other end, we have the hip. When the hip is unhappy or not moving well, we can start to feel the knee become unhappy, too. The body is intricately interconnected. An action or force in one location can directly effect the outcome in another. Common complaints at the knee include things like:

  - Aching while sitting in the car for prolonged periods of time, or relaxing on the couch

  - Pain while laying in bed and trying to straighten out the leg

  - Pain in the middle of the kneecap while going down steps

  - Knee giving out while walking or running

  - Locking while bending or extending the knee

Those who complain of knee pain also fear the following:

  - Loss of participation in activities that are enjoyable

  - Increased dependence on loved ones

  - Surgical intervention or being bound to pain killers

  - Loss of independence and a reliance on walking aids

Surgery does not have to be the answer and there are many ways in which we can start improving your symptoms! You have options. Book a FREE telephone consult or discovery session with Jessica. Or, to receive a FREE educational PDF and learn how to stop the knee from hurting and start getting back outside, click the link below!