Low Leg/Ankle/Foot Pain

How important are our feet and ankles when most things we enjoy doing include walking, running, jumping, stretching or climbing outside? Sometimes accidents happen and we end up with an injury to the ankles or feet, but sometimes out of nowhere, we start to notice annoying pain in the feet, ankles or shins that sort of just creep up on us. Common complaints in the lower legs and feet include:

  - Shin splints! Aching or sharp pain with running or walking

  - Sprained ankles with pain, swelling and bruising on the inside and/or outside of the foot

  - Aching pain in the foot or ankle long after a previous injury has already healed  

  - Pain on the outer edge of the foot

  - Sharp pain behind the outside ankle bone with running or walking

  - Sharp, aching, or burning pain in heel or just behind the heel

  - Sharp, burning pain with the first steps out of bed in the morning


People with similar issues in this area also fear the severity of the pain. They ask themselves: 

  - "What happened? I didn't fall, hit my foot or step funny, why is there pain?"

  - "Am I causing damage to my body every time I feel this pain?"

  - "Is this pain ever going to go away? Will I need crutches or a walker to manage? Will I still be able to
      do my yoga or go for runs?"

If you're experiencing aching or pain in the foot, ankle or shins, or you KNOW that you've injured it in some way, get some answers! Stop wondering in fear about whether or not it's ever going to get better. Most people wish they took action long before they did. Book a FREE telephone consult or discovery session with Jessica or click the link below to explore my FREE guide on lower extremity pain!