Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an essential joint. It's complex in movement and allows us to shampoo our hair, tuck in our shirt, give someone a high-five, hug or handshake. But, because of the multiple capabilities of the shoulder joint, it is an area of the body that is one most susceptible to injury. Pain here can be a mystery- it can show up one day with no apparent reason, or it can be the result of one wrong move. Common complains at the shoulder joint include:

  - Weakness or pain in the front or back of the shoulder while trying to move or lift the arm

  - Weakness or pain in the front of the shoulder while moving the arm behind the back

  - Sharp pain while kayaking, running, doing push ups, golfing or yoga

  - Burning pain between the shoulder blades

  - Fear of damaging the shoulder joint with movement, resulting in stiffness and increased pain

  - Loss of function and being unable to complete tasks at home or during daily activity

  - Pain at night time, inability to sleep on the painful side

  - Stiffness in the morning after getting out of bed


This pain can be debilitating and downright annoying, and even with rest, it can be reluctant to show improvement. 

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