Forearm/Wrist/Hand Pain

We use our arms and hands for everything. From driving to texting, carrying groceries, picking up our kids and grandkids, jogging, climbing stairs, paddle boarding, golfing and kayaking. We must be able to open and close our hands, squeeze our fingers and bend our elbows. What happens when these things are no longer actions that go without thought? Injury to the hands, wrists or forearms can be a result from a direct moment in time where an injury has occurred, such as a wrist sprain or falling on your hands. Or, it can be a gradual problem that seems to have crept up over time. Some of the most common complaints include: 

  - Pain in the thumb with grabbing or holding objects

  - Pain in the forearm (front or back) just near the elbow while grabbing or holding objects

  - Finger sprains or broken bones

  - Pain after a previous injury that has already recovered  

  - Numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers

  - Sudden loss of strength in the hand, resulting in dropping objects

  - Stiffness in the morning after waking up

  - Fear that there will be a loss of independence and normal daily tasks will become next to impossible

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