Hip Pain

Annoying! Thats the best word for this type of pain. Maybe it bugs you when you're trying to go for a walk or wind down in the evening watching a great show on the couch. There are many different ways that hip pain can present itself. In the front, the side or the back of the hip. It can be a deep ache or bruised feeling, or even a sharp pinching feeling, too. Here's some of the most common ways people have described their hip pain:

  - Not being able to sit still in one position before the hip starts to ache

  - Immediate stiffness and pain when standing from a seated position

  - Walking up or down hills causing pain in the back of the hip, pinching in the front

  - A bruised or tender sensation on the very outside part of the leg or hip

  - Pinching discomfort while swinging a golf club

  - Loss of sleep due to aching

  - A fear of surgery or being bound to pain killers 

  - A fear of losing mobility and needing to rely on a walker or cane. 

  - Being worried that simple activity such as walking will become impossible

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