Is JS Physiotherapy right for me?

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The people who seek help to better their health are those who value movement, sport and celebrating what the body is capable of. If this is you, you know that resolving those aches and pains is essential to gaining your optimal health back.

If you're like most, and if you're visiting this page, you've probably tried to manage this problem on your own. 


You've probably visited your family doctor as well as a wide array of other healthcare professionals. 

You're probably sick of hearing "this is what getting old feels like" or "here are some pain medications, these should do it!"

You've probably made a massive effort to get your function back, but somewhere along the line, it's still gone wrong. 

We know that pain doesn't always just go away on its own. We know how tricky and stubborn these little problems can be, and that medication is not the key to recovery. 

You're ready to take back your life and you know you deserve the time and attention that you're putting your money towards. 

Through one on one treatment sessions with the therapists undivided time and attention on you, we help people recover from a wide range of physical aches and pains, getting them back to doing the activities they love most!

Lets get started in this journey to recovery!

How Do I Get Started?

We understand that many people, just like you, have invested time and money into their recovery, with no real benefit. That's why we offer FREE 15- minute telephone consultations with our therapist. This will help you determine if we're a good fit for you, without any obligation or financial loss. 

JS Physiotherapy understands that your pain isn't just physical. We understand the worry that comes along with the physical pain. The frustration that comes along with the uncertainty of the problem, the perceived loss of independence, and the worry that pain killers and surgery may be the end all

We will work with you to alleviate these worries and help you take charge in resolving the physical pain as well. We focus on your goals, helping you to accomplish them and get back outside

Check out more about what a "Physiotherapy Appointment with Jessica" looks like, here

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